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My studies in photography, social communication and fine arts, and the exposure I had to cultural and social diversity has deepened my understanding and appreciation for the uniqueness, and yet the universality, of persons, their traditions, circumstances and aspirations.  

Photography gives permanence to the ephemeral. It enhances subtleties to reveal greater value than what is apparent, it allows me to render instants which are rich in meanings, magic in the reality of everyday life; to see beauty, pride and dignity in squalor, effort and suffering, and our unexpected similarities in our evident differences; to put myself in the other’s place, with appreciation but also tenderness; and to share the wonder in the world as it is.  

My previous experience includes: the organization of an art school for youth in the city of  El Alto, work with CPAC, a center for popular art and culture in La Paz and research with mass media and marketing in Bolivia.  At present, I produce visual stories for NGOs and Institutions and I work with my prsonal long term projects.

My photography work has been exhibited in the USA,  Bolivia and Peru.  My exhibition “Paradigmas Continuos” was shown at the Museum San Francisco in La Paz,  at the Portales Palace in Cochabamba and at the House of Liberty Museum in Sucre, Bolivia.  

My exhibition "Mantos de Vida" on May - June 2016, Santa Cruz de la Sierra. 

My last group (ASMP) exhibition was shown at the Museum of National Gepographic from November 2016 to January 2017 and in Novembre 2017 at FotoGeorgetown for Photoweek in Geargetown, Washington, Dc.

Currently, I am working on the publication of my first book with David Alan Harvey and Burn Magazine.


Languages:  Spanish, English (native or billingual proficiency), Portuguese, French, Swedish and Croatian (limited working proficiency)




-  Member of National Press Photographers Association (NPPA)

- Member of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP)

-  Member of Women in Photography International (WIPI)

-  Member of Women Photojournalists of Washington (WPOW)