Maria Daniel Balcazar is a Bolivian-American documentary and fine art photographer. Most of her projects focus on the universality of traditions and symbols while emphasizing the beauty and extraordinary moments in daily life. Her most recent work draws inspiration from poetry and our connection to nature. She has studied painting, communication, languages, and photography.  Her work has been exhibited in Galleries, Museums, and in Universities in Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, and the United States.





Miami, USA – Miami PhotoFest
KILOMBO (Feb-March 2019)

Buenos Aires, Argentina – Centro Cultural Borges
KILOMBO (October 2019)


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Centro Cultural de Justice Federal
“Kilombo, a Africa que habita em nós” (September – October 2018)

Minas Gerais, Brazil – Sete Lagoas Kilombo: Centro Cultura Nhô-Quim Drummond
“Kilombo – A África que habita em nós” (November 2018)


Washington DC, USA – FotoWeekDC Gallery at Georgetown Park
ASMP Collective Exhibition (November 2017)


Washington DC, USA – National Geographic Museum
ASMP Collective Exhibition (November 2016 - January 2017)

Maryland, USA – University of Maryland
WPOW: Women Photojournalists of Washington Exhibit (2016)

Santa Cruz, Bolivia – Galleria Manzana 1
"Mantos de Vida” (May - June 2016)


Arequipa, Peru – Art Gallery at Catholic University San Pablo
"Mestizajes: Recombinaciones” (June - July 2015)

Cochabamba, Bolivia – Portales Palace Museum
“Paradigmas Continuos” (September 2015)

Sucre, Bolivia – House of Liberty Museum
“Paradigmas Continuos” (September – October 2015)

Washington DC, USA – FotoWeek
Women Photojournalists of Washington on women's issues (November 2015)


La Paz, Bolivia – Museum San Francisco
“Paradigmas Continuos” (November 2014)