As if fulfilling a cowrie-shell divination by a Mãe de Santo in Rio de Janeiro, Kilombo has been a project very close to my heart for many years. under the guidance and mentorship of David Alan Harvey, this journey has led to the publication of my first book - KILOMBO - published by burn.books.

"The attentive eye of Maria Daniel Balcazar penetrates a mystical universe..."

Each image of 
Kilombo is a rescue of African religiousness, full of symbols, understood only by those who have spent long periods of time in Brazil.  In fact, the book of Maria Daniel Balcazar is a tribute to the millions of enslaved Africans, their struggles and achievements, and is a careful, documented work immortalizing African customs and traditions.  It includes images that reflect the importance of oral history, the communicative strength of an ancestral heritage, and capture the fury of life in addition to the action.

In contemplating these photographs, it is possible to forget - for a few moments - institutional racism, an inheritance of slavery, which so badly afflicts Brazilian society.  In contemplating these images, conflicts are ignored and the beauty of the side by side existence between the sacred and the profane is admired."

- Aderivaldo Ramos de Santana, Historian

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